about me

Thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately I'm not that exciting, and this website is mostly designed to advertise myself as an Engineer and freelance Software Developer, so that's mostly what you'll find here.

I grew up and currently live in Mississauga, but I've travelled around quite a bit -- I've lived for extended periods in Germany, India, and Montreal, and I'm still interested in doing more travelling.

curriculum vitae

Take a look at my resume! (PDF)

I currently work as a Senior Systems Engineer working on the Environmental Control Systems of the upcoming Airbus A350 Jumbo-Jet. I am eligible for my PEng designation and a member of the PEO EIT program. I currently sit around 4-5 years experience.

Ever since I was a child I wanted to work in with Robots, and nothing has changed! I am a graduate of the University of Waterloo 2005 Class of Mechatronics Engineering, earning a B.A.Sc. in Honours Mechatronics Engineering, co-op program, with options in Biomechanics and Cognitive Science.

While at UW, I got to do some neat things through the Intelligent Robot Experiments group with Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks, which spurred my interest in Cognitive Science.

My interests are concentrated around robotics, including control systems, automation, and embedded systems. I have proven experience with test automation, process automation, Systems lifestyle and processes, and some project management experience. I have a real knack for dealing with people!

co-op experience

At the University of Waterloo, engineering students typically go through six 4-month co-op work terms. That can fill up a resume pretty quickly! To see a full break-down of all my undergraduate co-op work terms, take a look here!

interests and certifications

To be honest, most of my interests involve technology. I bought myself a RepRap kit and am getting some 3D-modelling and printing experience through that.

During the summer I enjoy running and kayaking, and during the winter I enjoy alpine skiing, snow-showing and more running!

I strongly believe in life-long education, and I strive to make continued education a big part of my life by completing a new course or certification every few months.

Here is my current collection of Completed Courses and Certificates:

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